The Valve

Adam Roberts over at The Valve-A Literary Organ is posting his reactions to each section of The Kindly Ones as he reads them.  Several of his readers have posted comments.  Take a look. This link is to his first post but he’s posted three more since then.

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One Response to “The Valve”

  1. Garth KATNER Says:

    I’ve been reading your book for the last few weeks. I first saw a review in the NYRB then googled you. I saw that you worked in humanitarian aid in the RBiH among other war zones. I did too, both during and after the war, in Tuzla. I was there for the The Kapija Massacre on 25 May 1995. The negative responses to you book have been fascinating. Either it’s too long or too pornographic. Either way I’m enjoying it. Why? The “devil in the details” is so recognizable to me from my time in Tuzla.

    In any case, you can post this or not. I just wanted to make contact.

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