Win a signed copy of The Kindly Ones

Very Short List is giving away 30 signed copies of The Kindly Ones. Win a chance to read the book everyone is talking about!

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4 Responses to “Win a signed copy of The Kindly Ones”

  1. Gava Joe Says:

    If I’d already read this interesting sounding book why would I want to try to win one? I’m not a collector, I’m a reader. It’s highly probable iIll pass the book on to a loved one whether or not the author has signed it. Really, what good is a book that sits on a shelf as some unique keepsake?

  2. chris ratcliffe Says:

    There is nothing quite like having a signed book on your own bookcase, something you can look at, never read and totally treasure. You open that first page and see the signature, and feel like it was written just for you. Tryly awe inspiring

  3. Gava Joe Says:

    You’re kidding, right? Did you read the theme of this book? A one paragraph description of it makes me want to tear into it like my own birthday cake.

  4. Pat Kelly Says:

    This story is riveting. Any student of WWII Germany will simply love it.

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